This year WILL BE different!

Happy New Year!

Like so many of us, I spent most of the day yesterday debating on my New Years Resolution(s) for 2020. There are always the old favorites- lose weight/get in shape, quitting this or that, whether it be smoking, sweets, high fructose corn syrup (well some people get rather specific), etc.

As I switched the date stampers in the office to January 2, 2020, to reflect the next business day, I realized that even though the thought of New Years Resolutions are for one to act as if they are going to quit making excuses and start making changes! It does give one a figurative kick in the ass to do or quit doing those things that you spent the previous year making excuses for.

I myself have several things for which I am going to use the time honored tradition of making promises to oneself and others to change, among those things are to increase my Social Media prescence (which includes this blog) and finally get that podcast/Youtube channel started.

What are your goals for the new year? I have shared a couple of mine, and I plan on keeping you informed on my progress, so please follow along and leave your New Years goals in the comments below.

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